Five Top Myths About The Pilates Exercise

For those who have not learn about the core principles of Pilates Atlanta, it is easy to believe in hearsays about this physical fitness programmer. Throughout its existence, numerous myths were created which cloaked the real essence of Pilates. Here are five common myths on Pilates:

Pilates Is Just a Faster Version of Yoga

A lot of people think that Yoga and Pilates are similar, and the two can be interchanged. Some people even make a mistake in thinking that Pilates is just a faster version of Yoga. Although Pilates lessons focus on mind-body workout, it does not mean that these two are similar.

Yoga focuses on a series of static poses to encourage strength and flexibility while Pilates focuses on small routines derived from athletic conditioning practices. Many developers of Pilates also applied principles from sports science, physical therapy and sport medicine to make Pilates exercise effective.

Pilates Makes You Taller

some people actually think that by practicing Pilates, grow taller. This however is not true. The good thing yet, is that Pilates improves your posture and creates an illusion that you have actually grown some inches. Pilates classes work on flexion, rotation and extension of your spine, and thereby creates a feeling of increase in height. At the start of your class, Pilates Atlanta instructors usually explain this to new clients as well as the other benefits they can gain from Pilates.

Pilates Is Only For Women

Pilates is not specifically made for woman or for a specific gender for that matter. Pilates is beneficial to both men and women. Joseph Pilates, its founder, aimed for a mind and body routine that can suit both male and female. However, more women could have been attracted to Pilates due to the adaptability of this fitness programme to various levels of fitness and body types. Pilates has enticed a number of dancers, especially women, who in turn developed interest in teaching the practice. Pilates class taught by women then became attractive to female clients.

Anyone Can Teach Pilates with Just A Little Training

Pilates Atlanta is a sophisticated exercise method and cannot be learned after a few trainings. If one desires to teach this fitness programmer, an extensive training under a certified Master Trainer Instructor is needed. There are many Atlanta Pilates specialists who can help you with this. Though there are some mat workouts that can be accomplished in a weekend course, it must be continued by at least one hundred hours of practice teaching on top of revising the theory. A Pilates trainer-to-be is required to study anatomy, special populations, and proper use of Pilates equipment among others.

Going to the Gym and Pilates Exercise Are Almost the Same

Gym exercise and Pilates exercise are not the same in many ways. While gym workouts can be done while listening to your iPod or watching TV, Pilates requires a more concentrated effort of the mind and the body, which results in heightened mind-body awareness. This is also why most Pilate’s studios do not have music turned on during class.

Moreover, Pilates focuses on flexion, extension, balance, rotation, resistance and coordination, while gym exercises are centered in building muscles.