Why you should donate frequently

We all since the time we were in school have been taught this one thing very religiously that, “Charity begins at home.” But, one should not treat it as just another quote as we all should take it very seriously. The need and importance of charity are great and whoever does it should do it with a clean and pure mind.


The person who donates is known as the Donor, and the person who receives the donation is known as Donee. The Donee who receives the donation can be a charitable organization or a society that performs the function of charity. Donation for charity should be a selfless act by the donor, where the person donates or gifts cash or other items that are required by the poor and helpless children. A charitable act is something where you frequently donate without expecting anything in return.


In Muslim states or Muslim community, there is the great relevance of Zakat. It is a compulsory form payment that is done annually under the Islamic law, in the name of Allah. In this activity, certain kinds of property are used for charitable and religious purposes. But it is emphasized that apart from this Zakat, one also needs to donate frequently to charity. There are a lot of charitable organizations where you can donate your Zakat online and help the needy.


When the donation is made to a registered and reputed organization you trust such as Pick Up Please, then the donor may get qualified for income tax deductions. There are a lot of organizations involved in the charitable act for children that takes care of the children’s health, education, and try to bring a smile on their innocent faces. If you love animals, then you can even donate to charitable animal organizations.


Those people who are willing to donate a part of their earnings in any form, but cannot find the right source or the time to do so can do it online. There are a lot of organizations who have their online site where people can donate to charity and also pay their zakat online. This is a great method for the internet users as just with a few clicks you can do a great act of donation for the needy people and children across the world. You can also pick clothes of the movies, cartoons or toys that are trending. For example, little girls love to dress up like

princesses. Look for clothes that have pictures of a princess from her favorite movie, something that has fairy dust (sparkles) on it too. And little boys are always interested in trucks and cars. So pick an item that has a picture of their favored machine.


Make your gift more memorable by adding a special touch to your gift. If you add a fancy zip of a cartoon character or put a small toy in one of the pockets. This little small gesture will make even a small gift that extra special.


Don’t gift something that you think is practical, like socks. Parents will love it but the child will not. Spoil them by gifting something that they had been refused earlier like a T-shirt of a superhero character that you know they wanted.


If you want to make your child extra happy, buy two of the same item. The other one they can gift to their best friend. They’ll be excited because they also get to gift something. And they love to plan for an occasion to wear it on the same day to school or for a party.


The charitable organizations are doing a great service to the country and the world at large by serving the deprived people of the nation. So if each one of us takes the initiative or a pledge to donate frequently some amount from our savings to the less privileged people of our country, then we too can help them design a

better future for themselves.